Welcome to the Gymrek Lab

The Gymrek Lab is located at the University of California San Diego. We are part of the Department of Medicine's Division of Genetics and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. We are also a member of the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology program at UCSD.

What do we do?

Our overall goal is to understand complex genetic variants that underlie human disease. We are particularly interested in repetitive DNA variants known as short tandem repeats (STRs) as a model for complex variation. Our work focuses on developing computational tools for analyzing and visualizing complex variation from large-scale sequencing data and applying these tools to learn about the contribution of repetitive variation to human disease. See the research page to learn more!


  • 12/13/18: Preprint "Multi-tissue analysis reveals short tandem repeats as ubiquitous regulators of gene expression and complex traits" posted on biorxiv
  • 07/03/18: Preprint "Profiling the genome-wide landscape of tandem repeat expansions" posted on biorxiv
  • 03/06/18: Preprint "A reference haplotype panel for genome-wide imputation of short tandem repeats" posted on biorxiv
  • 04/28/17: Melissa gave a talk at #GeneMappers2017 [slides on figshare]
  • 04/19/17: Our review article A genomic view of short tandem repeats published in Current Opinions in Genes and Development.
  • 12/09/16: Preprint "A framework to interpret short tandem repeat variation in humans" posted on biorxiv
  • 12/07/16: The lab received an AWS Research grant!
  • 10/27/16: The lab received a GPU grant from NVIDIA. Our Tesla K40 has arrived!
  • 10/22/16: Melissa gave a talk at #ASHG16 on characterizing the STR mutation process for each locus in the genome [slides on figshare]
  • 9/28/16: Melissa gave a talk at #ASHI16 on the contribution of complex variants to human phenotypes. [slides on figshare]
  • 9/22/16: Melissa participated in the #COASP8 meeting panel on evaluating scientific contributions. [slides on figshare]
  • September 2016: The Gymrek Lab opens its doors at the CSE and CNCB buildings!