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Tools for analyzing short tandem repeat variation


GangSTR is a tool for genome-wide profiling tandem repeats from short reads. A key advantage of GangSTR over lobSTR and HipSTR is that it can handle repeats that are longer than the read length.
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TRTools contains a variety of utilities for working with TR genotype files generated by HipSTR, GangSTR, and other repeat genotypers. These include:
  • DumpSTR: a tool for filtering TR VCF files
  • MergeSTR: a tool for merging TR VCF files
  • StatSTR: a tool for computing stats such as allele frequencies from TR VCF files
  • compareSTR: a tool for two TR VCF files
  • qcSTR: a tool for generating various QC plots and metrics on TR VCF files

[paper] [github]


WebSTR ( is a web application for browsing a variety of STR datasets. It is based off of the popular ExAC browser.
[WebSTR] [github]


MonSTR is a tool for calling de novo mutations from HipSTR or GangSTR VCF files.)
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