Supplementary Datasets for Margoliash et al. 2023

This page contains links to the supplementary dataset files for

Margoliash, Jonathan, et al. “Polymorphic short tandem repeats make widespread contributions to blood and serum traits.” bioRxiv (2022): 2022-08.

The supplementary datasets are:

STR association tests, by population and phenotype

The README for these association files is here.
Association statistics referred to in the text are from the White British population unless otherwise specified. Association tests in the White British population were performed genome-wide, while STR association tests in the other populations were performed in fine-mapping regions identified by the White British association tests.

URLs are of the form:{population}_{phenotype}

Populations are:

Phenotypes are written exactly as listed in Supplementary Table 1.

We filtered STRs with total minor allele dosage less than 20. This amounted to very few STRs for each population, phenotype combination. A list of those STRs (if any) is available at the URL:{population}_{phenotype}

Tarballs of fine-mapping outputs by phenotype

Each tarball contains two summary tables: and, describing the results from standard fine-mapping runs and followup fine-mapping runs under alternate conditions, respectively. Additionally, each tarball contains all the raw fine-mapping outputs for each fine-mapping run for both SuSiE and FINEMAP. Note that fine-mapping was only performed in the White British population.

The README for these files is here.

URLs are of the form:{phenotype}.tgz